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Blair Polychronopoulos | Personal Trainer
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Active Horizons Lifestyle

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"I started training with Blair in March 2013 after taking 6 months off from any exercise. I have always been moderately active, through High School I did a lot of swimming and I rowed as an adult. In Oct 2012 we moved from False Creek to North Vancouver, I had stopped rowing and I wasn't close to my gym anymore. I had no seawall nearby to run along and I just stopped exercising - I hated it. My friend took me along to Blair's class and I haven't looked back. I have always had relatively good cardio but Blair has made me strong! In summer 2012 I was doing the Grouse Grind twice a week and was a very difficult one hour (on a good day) since I have been working out with Blair I have knocked off 5 minutes from my grind time and keeps getting better. The class is always different and your body has to adapt and get strong and fit. I love the classes and aim to go 3 times a week at 6am. Thanks Blair!" - Tracey S.
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Inside: 1350 Pemberton Avenue (Fuel Fitness)

  • Monday   @  6:00 AM
  • Thursday @  6:15 PM
  • Saturday  @ 10:00 AM


blair1Exercise is about having the ability to live life to its fullest; it is about feeling good, having energy and being able to enjoy all activities at any age or fitness level. It should be FUN, FUNCTIONAL, AND RELEVANT to your lifestyle, goal and health needs. The key to maintaining interest in fitness for a lifetime, is making wellness and fitness a part of your daily life by doing a variety of activities each day.  Keep learning and trying new things!  

Personal training is a great way to get healthy and fit; it is not exclusive to age, gender or fitness level. With the support of a knowledgeable fitness professional, you can reach optimal fitness level, safely and effectively. With the help of a trainer, anyone can have a personally designed fitness program to fit their hectic schedule. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love, to stay fit and healthy!