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Blair Polychronopoulos | Personal Trainer
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"I have been training with Blair for the past 3 years now. And what a great 3 years it has been... She is helping me reach my fitness goals- I thought I was in good shape until I tried her new approach to a fitter you. I have seen a big improvement in my strength, flexibility and endurance. I'm getting real results, even though I am struggling with previous injuries.I also enjoy her group classes – Active Horizons Bootcamp is awesome! I follow her everywhere – I try to catch every fitness opportunity. Her energy is contagious, uplifting and keeps me going. She is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend her services – whether it be Bootcamp, Personal Training or Lifestyle Coaching. I never get bored - she always finds innovative, new exercises to add flavour to her routines. There is no way I would work out like that alone. It's so much fun and it is a great way to release stress. I believe in hard work, a healthy lifestyle, discipline, perseverance and consistency of purpose. While I had all that as my base, a great trainer makes a world of difference. I'm living proof that no matter what (sickness, injuries, surgeries, personal tragedies, challenges, age, gender), you can still look and feel fantastic. I look great and I feel even better! Thank you Blair!" - Rosa I.
Name: Blair
Occupation: Owner of Active Horizons, Fitness Professional, Entrepreneur & Real Estate Advisor

Goals: To support and help other’s reach their fitness, lifestyle & health goals, as well as coach & mentor people to achieve their full  potential.  To be an engaged friend, leader and trainer for all those people looking to reach their Active Horizons.

  •  BCRPA Personal Fitness Trainer
  •  BCRPA Fitness Leader
  •  BCRPA Fitness Leader - Weight Training
As a lifelong athlete, I have always had a passion for wellness and health.  Exercise is about having the ability to live life to its fullest.  It is about feeling good, having energy and being able to enjoy all activities at any age or fitness level. It should be FUN, FUNCTIONAL, AND RELEVANT to your lifestyle and health needs. Making health and fitness an integral part of your life through a variety of activities, is the key to maintaining interest in fitness for a lifetime.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love, to stay fit and healthy!

Name: Lenka
Occupation: BCRPA Personal Fitness Trainer

Goals: Inspire and motivate others to stay active; Promote the importance of cardio, as well as strength training; Train for half marathons, marathons and potentially for another Ironman

  •  BCRPA Personal Fitness Trainer
  •  BCRPA Fitness Leader
  •  BCRPA Fitness Leader - Weight Training
As a kid, I used to spend most days outside running around but I never considered myself an athlete or a sport enthusiast - it was just fun! My passion and understanding of the importance of consistent exercising came to me in my early twenties. My occasional jogs eventually lead to marathon training; most importantly, thanks to exercise I was able to meet many incredible people who eventually introduced me to triathlon and showed me that keeping active builds human connections, not just fitness. Crossing an Ironman finish line may seem like my biggest achievement so far, but my best achievement is sharing my passion and enthusiasm for exercise with others. I truly believe that staying active is the best thing you can do for your body and mind.

Name: Barbara

Occupation: Personal/Group Fitness Trainer

Goals: To provide high quality training based on each client’s individual needs and abilities. To encourage people to do their best and to realise that a healthy workout can be fun. To continually educate myself, to improve every day at least by a small step, to keep dreaming and to help others reach their dreams

  •  BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader (October 2013)
  •  Zumba Fitness LLC. – International Zumba Certificate (April 2010)
  •  Personal Trainer Certification (November 2009)
  •  nstructor of European Tae-Bo (November 2005)
  •  nternational Fitness and Aerobic Academy - IFAA diploma of Aerobic (December 2001)

With 9 years experience in health, wellness and fitness industry, Barbara has excellent skills leading personal training and group classes, as well as lesson scheduling and instructor management. Highly supportive, Barbara has great communication skills and always motivates and encourages clients to achieve their goals. Barbara teaches many types of fitness classes including Bootcamp, Zumba, Core, Bosu and ball.