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Blair Polychronopoulos | Personal Trainer
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Active Horizons Lifestyle

Active Horizons Lifestyle Perfect Pack

The Perfect Pack is a convenient nutritional support you can slip in your purse, gym bag, or briefcase when you’re on the go! With 22 essential vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables nutrient, and your omegas this supplement pack will help you fill your daily nutritional gaps.


"I have been training with Blair for the past 3 years now. And what a great 3 years it has been... She is helping me reach my fitness goals- I thought I was in good shape until I tried her new approach to a fitter you. I have seen a big improvement in my strength, flexibility and endurance. I'm getting real results, even though I am struggling with previous injuries.I also enjoy her group classes – Active Horizons Bootcamp is awesome! I follow her everywhere – I try to catch every fitness opportunity. Her energy is contagious, uplifting and keeps me going. She is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend her services – whether it be Bootcamp, Personal Training or Lifestyle Coaching. I never get bored - she always finds innovative, new exercises to add flavour to her routines. There is no way I would work out like that alone. It's so much fun and it is a great way to release stress. I believe in hard work, a healthy lifestyle, discipline, perseverance and consistency of purpose. While I had all that as my base, a great trainer makes a world of difference. I'm living proof that no matter what (sickness, injuries, surgeries, personal tragedies, challenges, age, gender), you can still look and feel fantastic. I look great and I feel even better! Thank you Blair!" - Rosa I.
If you would like something extra, check out
If you would like something extra, check out:

Your Favorite Cardio Machines: If you have the space, this is a great idea to consider.  Choose your favorite or if you’re not sure, try before you buy.  Don’t go for the cheapest model, but instead look for a good quality piece of equipment that will last.  Some suggestions and benefits:
  • Elliptical: Low impact and great for people of all fitness levels.
  • Treadmill:  Good for those who like to run or walk (uphill for a challenge), but keep in mind that running outside is free.
  • Stepper:  Prepare to sweat and to get those buns of steel.
  • Bike:  Low impact, but remember you posture.  Comes in upright or recumbent option.
  • Rower:  Perfect for upper and lower body combination cardio.

When you do decide to purchase a cardio machine, make sure it has:
  • Different resistance levels
  • Variety of Programs
  • Good Quality Attachments
  • Is versatile to allow for workout variety and ongoing challenge.

Please feel free to contact Blair if you have any questions or are interested in setting yourself up with a mini-home gym.