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"Best time of my life at Active Horizons Bootcamps! I will always thank my friend Yasmin, who introduced me to Active Horizons Fitness. Since the day of my initial trial class, I fall short of words to express my joy, my progress and my energy in classes. I have been attending Active Horizons Bootcamp classes for over a year and I look forward to years of continuing with her. She has shown me new horizons! I feel more fit, healthy and active. Where can I sign up for a life membership?? While classes are high intensity, the coaching and compassion shown by the trainers, makes it simple and fun. Their commitment and focus helps me and many others achieve our goals so easily. My weekly schedule would not be complete without participating in an Active Horizons Bootcamp class with Blair and the other trainers. They say health is wealth and you Blair are rich in making so many healthy. God bless you always for helping me become so fit and healthy!" - Raj M.
What type of equipment do you need?
What type of equipment do you need?

It is important to build a home gym based on your personal fitness needs and level.  As you build on your exercise regimen with a fitness professional, you can add to your repertoire of gym equipment.  Your workout arsenal can be full of variety or compose of a few key items.  Don’t feel you have to buy everything at once.  Build it up over time!  Also, try to pick quality over quantity; look for good quality pieces on sale.

Below are some good starting pieces:

  • Dumbbells (Free weights): Dumbbells are a great basic for any strength training routine, and allow for a constant weight throughout the exercise. There are two types of recommended dumbbells;
    • Single sets based on the weight you want to lift, often metal or metal covered with plastic grip.  Prices will vary, but will increase as the weight goes up; or
    • Adjustable dumbbell sets, which includes two handles (or bars) for you to grip, as well as plates of varying weights that can be attached.  Prices vary.
  • Resistance Bands: Bands are compact, portable, and allow for a wide range of motion, which makes them great for a variety of people.  Bands allow for variable resistance, where the weight intensity changes with the different tension on the tube. There are four different levels to choose from, and circular tubes with handles are recommended.  Great for people on a budget, those who travel and those who like to take it outside.
  • Bosu Ball: The Bosu is a very multi-purpose tool and can be used for any type of training.  Cardio, strength, balance and stretching can all be done with this fantastic piece of equipment.  If you are going to make one large purchase, this should be it!
  • Exercise Stability Ball: These oversized inflatable balls are incredibly versatile, can be used for an entire body workout, and can also replace the standard bench.  If you combine the ball with other tools, it allows for a greater variety of exercises.  This great tool can make any exercise core infused, which can help to improve balance, coordination, and core strength. Balls are sized based on your height and weight and range in price.
  • Exercise Mat: Mats can be used for many different exercises such as stretching, core, Pilates, yoga and many strength moves.  Mats are also great for limited space, as you they can be rolled up and stored easily.  Mats range in thickness, texture and price.